What Sets Arctic Edge Apart? – App Development in South Africa

As the mobile app industry grows, the competition in the market becomes fiercer. While app companies struggle to find their feet, so do the clients. Finding the right company to entrust with such a massive and extensive project is daunting, to say the least, however, the quality of app development in the South African market has grown to world-class heights.

So, how do you, as the client, know which company to approach with your app concept? How do you pick a drop out of the ocean? These are the questions we asked ourselves when establishing Arctic Edge Digital because we know those are the questions you would be asking.

Let’s jump into it.


#1 Arctic Edge Specialises in App Development

There are many “dev” houses and software development companies in South Africa which develop a multitude of apps, software and the likes. What sets Arctic Edge apart is that we have recognised the importance of solely focusing on app development. We started out as one of these very companies who develop whatever it is that gets requested but found that our app projects if optimised, could change the way clients experience the process of building their app.

We understand the amount of trust required to entrust someone with the concept you’ve created as well as the commitment required from a client to see the process through. Launching an app for your business could almost be compared to opening a branch or obtaining a large asset, which is something many developers, as well as clients, do not recognise until it’s too late.

After many years in the software, web, and app development industry, we made the decision to make bespoke app development our niche. Bespoke apps, or custom built apps, have enabled us to deliver game-changing assets to our clients all while providing excellent support throughout the journey. This is what sets us apart. Apps are our bread and butter as well as our passion – this is what we do.

#2 Making Apps Affordable

When we say we make apps affordable, we’re not referring to a low-budget version of the real thing. We live in a world so vast and connected, it is easy for entrepreneurs and businesses to become invisible when they do not offer the same convenience as large enterprises. The cost of app development in South Africa is at a high. We want to afford start-ups, small businesses, community organisations and individuals the opportunity to be seen by placing them in the pocket of their audience.

How do we do this?

We have developed our own app framework, complete with an abundance of pre-built features and full customisation – we never make the same app twice. This solution allows us to create apps with low coding requirements which means our clients pay less. We also offer flexible payment options to allow start-ups, small businesses and individuals breathing room.

These apps can vary from internal business apps all the way through to app store-ready applications for your customers.

Aside from our apps built on this framework, we also offer the alternative bespoke app development. These are fully custom developed apps, coded from the ground up, for those clients that need their big concepts realized.


#3 We Build Relationships

We are as excited about your app as you are and our modus operandi is developing apps that change the lives and businesses of our clients. We’re not your typical app developers. While we do enjoy building our apps in headphones and hoodies shrouded in darkness and coffee stains, we love working with our clients even more. An app, like any other great idea, is deeply psychological and cannot possibly be understood by someone not sharing your vision. We prioritise building strong and lasting relationships to connect with our clients as well as to obtain a deep understanding of their concept and dream.

We fully believe that the key to creating powerful partnerships is trust. We understand how competitive the app market is as well as the fact that our clients face further competition within their niche. When you sign on with Arctic Edge, we provide our clients with peace of mind offered by non-disclosure agreements and full confidentiality.

We also know some great lunch spots.


#4 Our Comprehensive Discovery Stage

Arctic Edge offers a comprehensive Discovery Stage which brings your concept to life. This is our pre-development phase where the planning for your entire app will be completed. Custom app development requires a thorough and detailed strategy.

We offer our Discovery Stage as a stand-alone service as well to clients looking to complete their concept and pre-development phase for whichever reason. This discovery stage will enable you to approach investors, plan costing and funding. During our Discovery Stage, you will be provided with a full spec document, wireframes, clickable prototypes, full UX and UI design and costing putting you in the position to take informed steps and to approach your potential investors.


#5 Stellar Support

If you live in South Africa, you know that good support is hard to come by. We do everything in our power to change that. From the first contact, our goal is to make our clients feel like their in capable hands and taken care of. We walk you through each step of the journey from first meeting to post-launch.

We also know that launching an app is stressful and that the preparation around it can be daunting which is why we offer post-launch advice as well as designing and building a landing page website for you to market your app.

We offer our clients multiple contact methods so we can stand by whenever we’re needed.


#6 Passion

If we didn’t love what we do, we simply wouldn’t be doing it. Building apps and seeing our clients succeed is why we go above and beyond daily to deliver exceptional service, product, and support. We love what we do from start to finish.

Arctic Edge also exists because we believe in the power and future of apps. Apps offer the opportunity for connectivity, innovation and to change the world. Apps rule the world at the moment – from your phone to your tablet, watch, and desktop and the technology is here to stay.

We believe that the introduction of a well-crafted, thoughtful app can change the face and outcome of a business or idea.

If you have any more questions, feel free to visit our FAQ section, or contact us by requesting a callback in the tab below, or filling in our contact form.

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