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Bespoke App Development

If your own custom app built from the ground up according to your exact requirements is what you need, we’ve got you covered. We specialise in bespoke mobile app development and will assist you in the creation of your app from discovery and idea phase, right through to launch and support.

Our apps are supported on both Android and iOS devices and offer a beautiful and smooth user experience from start to finish.

Pre-Built Framework Apps

We understand and recognise the needs of smaller businesses as well as those not requiring a completely custom built app from both a functionality and economic perspective. To address this, we have carefully and thoughtfully built the Arctic Edge App Framework which allows our clients to have their very own app built on our framework and therefore eliminating the need for higher cost coding.

With our framework you get to choose from our pre-built functions and features for your app along with complete customisation. This option allows you to choose either a once-off or monthly payment plan.


Full Discovery Stage

So, you have an idea for an app but you’re not sure what the next step is?

We offer a comprehensive Discovery Stage wherein your app idea is transformed into a workable plan of action. We provide you with all you will need to know to make an informed decision, or even approach investors to make your dream come true. During our Discovery Stage we will explore and present all aspects of your prospective app such as coding and development requirements and options, functionality, UI/UX design, pricing, and more.

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